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Valerie's New Friends is a children's book that explores racial differences and the acceptance of others. It is a true story of friendship that demonstrates how differences lead to acceptance. A teaching guide and lesson plans are included to assist educators in introducing concepts of diversity in the elementary school classroom.

This book (The Prison System Needs An Overhaul) is a study which includes a personal testimony from an inmate about the prisoner system across the country, especially the southern states (Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, and Mississippi, etc.). These states give young Africa American men and teenagers the blues. They arrest them and throw the keys away. Many do not have a chance to prove their innocent once they are charge with a crime, whether they committed the crime or they are innocent.


This book give more information about what is going behind the scene and how the prison's family are treated like they are a prison as well. It is a good book to help get a good discussion going about how we can help make a difference in saving our children from the prisoner system. It is also a good book to read and share at your book club, including the discussion questions. "

A Dream Come True by Jeryn Alise Turner dives into the deep aspects of one of the most important relationships a woman can have; the one with her mother. The setting of this book is Peru, a mecca of spirituality, and involves a time traveler experience. This book portrays the strong spirit of women and the sacred bond and strength that exists when they come together.


On their trip to Peru, a mother and daughter take an excursion to the Sacred Valley where they have an honest conversation about their lives. By opening up emotionally, they create a deeper level of trust and commitment. Although fiction, Turner's book summarizes the true dynamics present in many relationships.


Filled with timeless advice and written from the daughter's point of view, this book is a must read for all but especially for those who seek to deepen the connections with the important women in their lives."

Mona Livelong: Paranormal Detective: The Case of the Angry Ghost

All of my novels are published under the pen name: Valjeanne Jeffers.

“The temperature in the room suddenly dipped from seventy to forty degrees. Lowe felt a suffocating claustrophobia, as if he were being forced inside a coffin. He clutched the towel, breathing hard, his heart thumping. By now it was so cold he could see his exhaled breath. Footsteps echoed over the bathroom tiles, slow and measured. They stopped just beside him. A plume of breath floated toward him. With a cry of terror, he bolted for the door.”


A serial killer is snuffing out the lives of affluent people of color in Monterrey, North America. Hard-boiled, homicide detectives Curtis Dubois and Harold Lowe are assigned to the case. But when they realize that the killer may not be human, Mona Livelong, a young paranormal detective, is brought in to help solve the case. As Mona races to unravel the clues to save Monterrey, she finds herself caught up in a terrifying plot to change the very face of North America. Cover art and design by Quinton Veal.


Valjeanne was a visiting author during the 2014 Octavia Butler Arts and Activism Project:


My novella The Switch II was also reviewed in the Spelman Messenger:

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